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Floor Frame & Under Frame
These are the chasis for diesel engine manufactured with high precision for Diesel Locomotive Modernization Works(DMW) and Diesel Locomotive Works(DLW). They require special grade steel material to bear the continuous fatigue load. Pioneer entered this field in the year 2009 and made a very quick progress as in 4 years we were approved by DLW as Part 2 source for supply of Underframe / Floor Frame Assembly and Kit. Depending upon the requirements and power they are classified under various categories. For example in WDG-4 W stands for broad gauge, D stands for diesel, G stands for Goods and 4 stands for horsepower between 4000-5000 HP. We are currently manufacturing four type of Underframe / Floor frame assembly which are WDP-4D, WDM-3D, WDG4 and Bogie frame..